Friday, August 30, 2013

Anonymous - Syria & The Drums of War

History has indicated the non-existence of imperialistic altruism.  Countries don't pour billions into military and foreign policy budget to increase the quality of life of another state, that is why we have constant human rights abuses in varying African countries and places such as Bahrain, N. Korea, and so on.  This begs the question of why any country would get involved in another's affairs.  In this case, with a world filled with human rights abuses, why is the US concerned specifically with Syria?

The US has never exercised military force without a vested interest, which why I've been perplexed as to their sudden interest in "helping" Syria.

In this video Anonymous breaks it down succinctly. Their assertion is consistent with America's actions of the past (a couple are briefly mentioned) and not surprising within the context of the iran-contra affair of the Reagan admin, ie America has proven its willingness to forgo ethics in an effort to protect themselves and Israel.

Naturally, "time" will tell us the truth, and by "time" I mean decades...  until then, we can be sure the mainstream media will tow the status quo and outlets such as Anonymous are left to sow potential seeds of truth, albeit with the haze of conspiracy.

We can only hope Anonymous is as wrong as the MSM.